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  • That's nice. I'm still struggling. Maybe I'll go catch more wilds and build a collection.
    Wow I didn't even know it was possible to use emloop. I thought ZOMG or Eon was the only way to go. Anyway, I finished calibration yesterday after like 9 tries. I hit my seed and RNG'ed a Litwick on my first try. However I'm having some difficulty doing Victini (on my 9th try). Using the same Timid Spread, and I'm being as precise (starting the timer and DS, SR'ing, hitting yes on the C-Gear) as I can, but nothing.
    I haven't actually learnt HGSS RNG yet, I just needed to know that to find out if it was even possible for me XD
    I see. Yeah no AR for me this time around. I would have gotten it if they had a backup feature for the game, but other than that I'd be paranoid at the high risk of save being corrupted and I don't use other methods. Still it shouldn't be too hard for me to get the hang of it.
    Oh I see. Sorry about that, I guess I just assumed you had it down. Well I hope you great at it.
    Hey riddlinkid nice to see you back. Listen, since you were such great help in 4th Gen, if you're not busy tomorrow, I was wondering if you had to time to teach me C-Gear RNG.
    I would normally be able to help you with the ditto, but I'm busy right now :( I'll VM you if I have time.
    Lol the VMs also gave me a hint on what the pending trade was about. I can't trade now but probably later on the day I can.
    Hey, sorry but I don't need anything from 4th gen anymore besides the Porygon2 and Garchomp in my wants =/ Good to see you back tho =)
    I'm abusing my ID/SID Sorry if I'm botherin' you but I need a bit of help :P

    I can hit my delay with consistency BUT my seconds aren't right (I'm shooting for 27, keep getting 30)

    Thanks for any help!
    Np, no need to apologize. Sorry it's taken so long, but I should be able to get them to you this week. I can get them to you tomorrow (8th), if not tomorrow then Saturday will be the next time I can trade.
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